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When we develop the heart chakra, we begin to influence the surroundings with our spiritual presence. When we develop the communication chakra, we begin to influence the country with our spiritual presence. When we develop the seventh chakra, we begin to influence the world with our spiritual presence without doing anything. Each center has its own beauty and gracefulness. Through generations of ignorance and unconsciousness, this channel of awareness becomes obscured and hidden. Meditation is the procedure to rearrange, harmonize, activate, and integrate the individual life energy with the cosmic life energy.

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911 Angel Number: What Does 911 Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

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What calls your soul? What in this life can activate every cell of your being into Divine sparks of passion, excitement and abundance? How can you find your True Divine Nature and live life by your calling? This and more! This is the video that inspired me to teach this class. What is my TRUE calling?

Angel Number | What Does Mean in Spiritual, Love, Numerology & Biblical Significance

The idea that you are here to do just ONE thing can even be very limiting. Come join the Lion People for their sharing of sacred activation codes that help you align with your unique life purpose and spiritual gifts. Come join Pamela Aaralyn as she channels many Pleiadian Collectives. This extensive galactic history class teaches about the Pleiadian involvement in human creation, how Pleiadians began and where they are now in their evolution and how they interact with other galactic beings. The Pleiadian Collective will also channel through Pamela some very specific teachings on frequency management, how to tame your empathy and how to activate your natural healing abilities.

Have you ever wanted to know your past lives or be able to read the past lives of others? Join Pamela Aaralyn, who was handed the keys to the akasha at age five. Learn how to talk to the guardians of the akasha, techniques to open portals for travel through the akasha, ethics of Akasha review and finally, how to interpret and utilize the akasha for healing trauma. Join us for a very special journey through Time.

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Learn how to identify what you sense in a medical intuitive session and interpret it properly. The opening to all of our unique spiritual abilities begins with one vital connection: our connection to Higher Self. Soul essence channeling is a way of connecting with Higher Self that is unique because it helps you get in touch and stay in touch with your True Divine Nature. Soul essence channeling is not only the deepest connection to YOU, it is simple to learn and practice.

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The higher self connection supersedes clairvoyance, clairaudience and even clairsentience because it connects BEYOND the human senses! Senses are secondary.

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  7. Your connection to clarity in talking to your Higher Self is vital! The next step in being in continual contact with the Higher Self: how to contact the higher selves of loved ones, friends, colleagues, co-workers, family and pets.

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    Have you ever wondered what someone else is thinking? What are their motives and intentions? How can you best serve and communicate with your loved ones? How do mental conditions tie into these contracts? These questions and more will be answered. Gift certificates are full color professionally designed and printable from your computer immediately after purchase.

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    Auras and Chakras 911: Essential Tools for Healing and Transformation

    How can I wake up and maintain my sanity? Enjoy learning at your own pace and convenience with our growing library of recorded classes.

    Seven Chakra Guided Meditation Balance Aura Cleansing Sleep Guided Meditation

    Class Length: 4. Replay: Channeling and Mediumship. Each Individual Class is 2 to 2.