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    Gamibier Islands. Marquesas Islands. Society Islands. Tuamotu Archipelago. From the West Coast to Australia is an enormous distance — almost 8, miles — and it's also a paradise for those who enjoy warm weather, clear water, varied cultures, and great safe cruising.

    With those things in mind, we knew we didn't want to rush through. So by the time my wife Sherry and I passed through the Panama Canal aboard our CSY 44 Soggy Paws in September of '08, we'd done lots of research and planning, which has served us well ever since. We intend to spend five or more years in the Pacific.

    There are at least four popular route options for cruising boats crossing to French Polynesia from the Americas. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and each requires different timing. Here are those that we considered:. By far the most commonly traveled route is the first leg of the so-called Pacific Milk Run to the Marquesas. It's roughly 3, miles, depending on where you start from, and is typically mostly a broad reach or downwind. The best time for crossing on this route is March-April, so you arrive in the Marquesas near the end of the southern cyclone season.