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Whiteness is not the default. Support plays written by and acted in by people of color. The world of theater is overwhelmingly white. Refuse to go to club nights or drag shows or burlesque nights that use culturally appropriative acts. Support crowdfunding campaigns for cultural products created by people of color if you can.

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Donate money to grassroots movements around you that are run by and support people of color. Gentrification tears communities apart. But also be patient if our English isn't perfect.

Probably not. It's hard. You get the idea. People can be Black and gay and disabled and trans and middle class.

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Blackness is expansive. Keep this in mind. Repeat after me: Intersections of race and gender exist. Remember that it is Black women and Native women and mixed race women who are most likely to be raped in their lifetimes in America. You cannot be an advocate against sexual violence without considering the impact of race.

If you have a Black girlfriend, please make sure that your shower is always adequately stocked with conditioner. Never that 2-in-1 stuff!!! We beg you.

Seriously, what the fuck? Actively try to identify and unsubscribe from orientalist tropes i. People of color are people, not characters. Remember that having mixed race children is not a cure for racism or a way to live out weird racial fantasies. If you do have mixed race children, make sure that they have access to people who look like them and who understand their experiences.

If you have a partner of color or children of color, trust and believe that you can still be racist. If anything, you have even more of a duty to examine your behavior for the benefit of your loved ones. This group was all white, as many are, with every member dressed in a uniform of red MAGA hats, American flags, bald eagles, USA and red, white and blue. They wanted to be identified by who they are and what they believed in. But regardless of outfit, we all wander through museums roughly the same. About an hour or so later, my daughter occupied with an exhibit nearby, I found myself in an emptier museum section with a teenaged girl and boy, both white, blonde and wearing MAGA hats.

A black teenage boy walked up to them, from across the museum, with purpose. They laughed, confused, what? He pointed to their MAGA hats. He was brave, but he was alone. The museum floor was filled mainly with white people. MAGA families wandering closer. Not sure how much to say or what exactly to do, I moved closer and stood beside the teenage boy of color. Together, we stood and faced the two white teenagers, who were sitting across from us.

I just wanted him to know that I, a middle-aged white woman, was there for him. He never looked at me. I never touched him. But I could feel the electricity in his body.

Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism

See the sweat beading on his forehead. Imagine his heart racing. The white teenage boy and girl again laughed. Not in derision but confusion, nervousness. Not understanding any of this, unable to register the teenage boy was close to tears. He walked away. Later that night, I wondered, had I done enough?

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  • Trust black people and people of color..
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  • Was being a witness enough? Tickets reserved from home months ago meant the next day in DC was, coincidentally, spent at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Here, my daughter and I were two white people in a sea of black, a demographic reversal from the day before.

    I was acutely aware of being white while looking at images of human beings in chains, babies stolen from crying mothers who were sold on the auction block. A married year-old white woman accused him of whistling at her. Three days later, the black teenager was hauled away from his bed by white men.

    Why Racism Is About the Color of the Mind, Not Your Skin — Gustavo Razzetti

    White people often say that since they lived in an all-white neighborhood or rural setting, they know nothing about race. We have to understand that white space is teeming with race. And second, every moment I spend in all-white space I am being reinforced in a white worldview. How do we teach our children that it is a loss? RD: This is a very common question I get from white parents, but notice how it turns the lens away from me and presumes that I am not the problem.

    We teach our children by believing it is a loss for us first. My point here is that before I jump to my children, I need to transform myself.

    Before you continue...

    As I transform my worldview and commitments, it will come through for my children. We need to continually be doing our own work. RD: Of course it has become distorted, because those who benefit from our current structures have distorted it. Here is an example from my own life on how to center race. I grew up poor and white. While my class oppression has been relatively visible to me, my racial privilege has not.

    lotterykowa.com/3065.php In my efforts to uncover how race has shaped my life, I have gained deeper insight by placing race in the center and asking how I have been socialized to collude with racism. Rather than ameliorating my race privilege, my oppressed class location was a primary avenue through which I came to understand what being white meant; we were at the bottom, but I always knew that at least I was white and that it was better to be white. Thinking about it like that keeps me humble and accountable, and reminds me that it is an ongoing process.

    I care to know how its going for them. I listen, I believe, and I speak up. In my experience, most white people believe that niceness is all that is required. We smile at people of color, we are friendly, we go to lunch on occasion. Therefore, we are good to go. But while niceness is better than meanness, it is functionally fairly useless in terms of strategic action. In other words, niceness is not courageous.