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About the Author: Michelle Aldredge. In May of I left MacDowell to pursue writing, speaking, curating, and creative projects full-time. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but have called New Hampshire home since My studio is located in the historic, mill village of Harrisville. I miss fried okra, the early southern spring, and restaurants that stay open past p.

I no longer have to worry about traffic jams; deer, wild turkeys, and frost heaves are the primary road hazards here. The quiet days are punctuated by regular travel and frequent visits to museums, theaters, readings, arts events, lectures, and open studios around the country. You can read my full CV here. Thanks for visiting Gwarlingo.

I hope you'll be in touch. Related Posts. Her disappointment has appetite, gravity. Watch out for her, this woman, there is more than one. Throughout the three years of his struggle with bladder cancer, he writes every day. Lehman is a distinguished poet, writer, literary critic, teacher and anthologist who divides his time between New York City and upstate Ithaca. In the summer of , Lehman is in pain and senses that something is wrong. Cancer is the last thing on his mind. He is sent to a series of doctors and undergoes many painful procedures before being diagnosed.

And then there are more tests, surgery, other procedures, some redone a number of times; he is at times on the edge of life. Continue reading here. To become himself, Wordsworth had to contend with Milton, for example, while John Ashbery had to endure a wrestling match with Wallace Stevens.

Bloom also distinguished himself by the force of his assertions and the excellence of his judgment. With great fervor, he saluted the legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson and championed such contemporary poets as Ashbery, A. Ammons, and James Merrill way ahead of nearly everyone else. I just pulled my copy from the shelf, and at random plucked these three remarkable quotes:. Keep reading by clicking here. As one who believes in the poetics of the big tent, I say we make this an annual event in the season of changing leaves.

And this year, as you turn seventy-seven, whom do I see in heaven but Igor Stravinsky speaking for all In celebrating, as a rite of fall, your birthday, Mr. Bloom's passion for literature, his love of it, is infectious and informs every page he writes. One feels, reading Bloom on great books, that if he couldn't write, he wouldn't live; that writing for Bloom is an extension of reading, and reading comes as close to living itself as any purely intellectual activity can do. Edmund Wilson wrote that Lenin identified himself with history but also identified history with himself, a very different thing.

Substitute Bloom for Lenin and Literature for History in that formulation and it works as well. Bloom resembes the characters he likes the most: he has a Falstaffian appetite, a gargantuan grasp of literature, a prodigious memory worthy of "Funes the Memorious" in the story by Jorge Lus Borges; and he enjoys tilting quixotically at windmills, which he does with the requisite zeal and the gift for a memorable phrase. For the moment just a few thoughts about the title, both halves. The principal title is unusual because it echoes T.

Eliot as much as Eliot's scriptual sources, an association one doesn't expect Bloom to pursue. But it's the subtitle that I especially like, for "appreciations" in the sense intended by Bloom as by Walter Pater before him is precisely what we need and do not get from the literary critics of our time.

More power to him: the very word is anathema in academic circles. The book begins with a credo in five principles, three derived from Emerson, one from Samuel Johnson, and one representing Bloom's own contribution. They are:.

Tormented Mirror: Russell Edson: Trade Paperback: Powell's Books

Emerson -- A scholar is a candle which the love and desire of all men will light. Emerson and Wallace Stevens -- One must be an inventor to read well Emerson -- The "recovery of the ironic" -- and here Bloom is at his most expansive. One senses that he hasn't said this before. Consider this short but rhetorically powerful clarifying passage and its unusually personal coloration:.

But with this principle I am close to despair, since you can no more teach someone to be ironic than you can instruct them to become solitary. And yet the loss of irony is the death of reading, and of what has been civilized in our natures. The introduction of Hamlet as the supreme exemplar of a man of irony gives us a working definition of irony and implicitly conveys the professor's abilty to understand Hamlet as a version of himself.

Waiting for the Light

And then comes the twist "and yet" that precedes the final blunt universal assertion, which manages to sound plausible and slightly outrageous at the same time. But Bloom makes it his own. Here he is, two pages later, summing up:. Strip irony away from reading, and it loses at once all discipline and all surprise. Find now what comes near to you, that can be used for weighing and considering,and it very likely will be irony, even if many of your teachers will not know what it is, or where it is to be found. Irony will clear your mind of the cant of the ideologues, and help you blaze forth as the scholar of one candle.

Suzanne Lummis:. First time I was I was over-reacting, sure. Out in the open air where it was not supposed to be. I don't think this is unrelated to my attraction to noir. How about you?

Did your immersion in film noir come into play when you got your diagnosis and had to think about the ultimate Noir? David Lehman: I am superstitious person and have had recurring nightmares in which I die because I misjudged my ability to cross the street and am struck by a car. Sometimes I fall down a steep flight of stairs because I forgot to hold the bannister. My superego is too strong for me to get into any real trouble, so I like going to noir valley for my dose of vicarious vice. In the Fritz Lang and Otto Preminger noirs, he always communicates a certain nervousness — like a man who has suffered a nervous breakdown, a man who needs to play with a pocket pinball game to help control himself.

There is a suppressed anger and energy, and at the same time he is capable, confident, handsome, and at ease in his body whether cast as a detective, a cop, or a newspaperman. Dana Andrews had the best poker face in noir. I read his obituary in He was an alcoholic.

Drunk or sober he never missed a word. And I thought: it figures. This is the sixteenth in a series of exchanges about noir. Harold Bloom, who died at 89 this week, has naturally been the subject of many elegies and obituaries. In , Bloom kicked off a major controversy with his introduction to " The Best of the Best American Poetry, This was by design, not accident.

Bloom's vehement essay propounded his criteria for greatness and angrily denounced what he considered inferior work done under a multicultural umbrella. The reaction against him was swift and equal in vehemence.

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The controversy made a strong impression that lingers still, as Jason Guriel points out in Slate October Radio I left it on when I left the house for the pleasure of coming back ten hours later to the greatness of Teddy Wilson "After You've Gone" on the piano in the corner of the bedroom as I enter in the dark from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman.

Winch Ringfinger was nervous Pinky terrified when they learned that Hand might succumb to the rule of Thumb. A creative communications, branding, and resources consultancy founded by Victoria C. Advertise on the Best American Poetry Blog. Like us on Facebook. The Best American Poetry. Home Archives Profile Subscribe.

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Please enter all required fields. Correct invalid entries. Eliot] Did you know that T. Stanza one follows: Ladies, on whom my attentions have waited If you consider my merits are small Etiolated, alembicated, Orotund, tasteless, fantastical, Monotonous, crotchety, constipated, Impotent galamatias Affected, possibly imitated, For Christ's sake stick it up your ass.

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Laura Then the doorbell rang. He is not in love with a corpse Time for one more cigarette. American, he said. Elizabeth Taylor won the "best actress" Oscar for her work in Butterfield 8 It was 90 years ago today. Lummis: Here's one. Happy Birthday, Mr Pinsky [by David Lehman] As one who believes in the poetics of the big tent, I say we make this an annual event in the season of changing leaves. David Lehman.

They are: -- Clear your mind of cant Samuel Johnson -- Do not attemt to improve your neighbor or your neighborhood by what or how you read. Happy hour at the Lehman Bar: Here's looking at you, kid.