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How does the practitioner get this information? Click on blue ball to access topics:. What information does the practitioner need to know? How to improve customer satisfaction?

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Main Service Provider - Municipalities. Informal water vending is a primary way of reaching unserved areas. So when I get overwhelmed by work, deadlines and bureaucracy, she steps out to take care of the situation. She will tell me to sit back and calm down. Then she figures out which of my problems actually matter and she will deal with them one by one.

The scared, unreasonable monkey did that. She just came in to help everyone out. She is very compassionate and never blames the monkey for anything.

The Client

Slightly-more-grown up David is wiser. He inspires me to calm down and do the next sensible thing. I have been following you since and I am at a loss for words as to how you dish out quality content on a regular basis. Thank you for helping me be a better human, David. As a fellow entrepreneur who struggles with staying on task and getting things done, I love this strategy.

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Just wish I had thought of this when I started my business over three years ago! However, there is no time like the present to make a change, and that I shall. Like, right this very minute, as my pen hovers over my to-do list for the day, with tight shoulders and a cloudy mind. Thank you so very, very much for this. Thank you for this valuable insight!

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Mostly because one of my preferred ways to distract myself from my future self, Sally, or anything remotely important is to check in with my favorite writers. Thank you! Thanks Kerri. I no longer try to post every week so that when I do it can be good. My name is actually Sally.

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Thanks for this. I enjoyed your article. I am compelled express my exuberant appreciation for this article and you, Mr. Cain, its author. I am totally burned out and grieving and just started prioritizing that problem so that I can work towards a company exit as soon as possible, that is, just this week I really started working on that. And then poof, your article almost got deleted in my inbox, but was so timely, which is of course, no coincidence. So along with slowing down, being more mindful and doing meditative mindless activities, I am also now working for my future self who has sold the business, retired and lives in comfort and joy near the beach!

I could not be more thankful for providing the exact clarity I needed. This was a enjoyable read and a strategy I had not considered before. I look forward to implementing these strategies when I return to working next month. Thank you for meeting me for coffee in Winnipeg. We spent Easter at a cabin in Pequot Lakes and are now in Iowa. When you use reductionistic speak, reducing humans to Apes….

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  • We are made in the image of God mate, not Apes….. Whatever your religious beliefs are, we are primates. I am a month away from retirement and this is a great image— I want to be active and productive AND I wonder what having no boss will be like— but I can clearly imagine what I want my life to be like in two years… now to break that down into useful pieces….

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    Thank ye kindly. Wow, great idea. Fortunately, I have very concrete goals for where I want to be in 2 years.

    I just thought of another thing. Do you have any thoughts on how to apply this to non work goals? Who is the client then?

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    Still me in two years time I guess…. I really like this approach. I reach state pension age in Oct so I made this my goal last year. I am planning for my joy in retirement.

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    It works very well and has taken the pressure off me but increased my overall rate of completion. Nice strategy, David. I like it, I love it, Valeria in a couple of years is going to profusely thank you for this post. I can do it today however! Hi Thanks for this David, I always think of my older self when I want to eat that third piece of chocolate cake.

    I will apply it to my to do list from now on. Thanks again. Just a short note to say thanks for the inspiration. I really tougth you were older! Thanks for being more human and sharing your wise thoughts on being productive. Love this David — I used to employ a similar tactic of imagining I embodied the traits of someone I really respected, but discovered it was all too easy to let the illusion slip, especially on the dark days of self-employment. Bringing it closer to home and being kind to our future selves seems like a powerful alternative.

    I've had the same concerns and recently went through a similar experiment. I realized I still needed a lot of the I like the way you referenced the cell phone as having a magnetic force in our lives. When I'm waiting in line somewhere, I never pick up my phone. I leave it in my bag and prefer to people watch everyone on their phone or make eye contact So absolutely true. One phone, not a toy. I don't have social media or games on my phone either, so I'm not constantly enticed to waste time on it. I know, shocking! I encourage you to step back in phone technology.

    Get a slider so you can still text because so many do not answer their phone except that way. My phone is a flip and text is difficult but those who call me know I don't text.