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If you guessed that Joseph Pilates had something to do with the controlled movement-based exercise program Pilates, then you guessed correctly. Pilates the man , born in Germany in , suffered from asthma, rheumatic fever, and rickets as a young child. Pilates was an advocate for eating healthy, nutritional, proper foods , getting plenty of sleep, and matching your caloric input to your caloric output commonly referred to as calories in, calories out.

After picking up a cigar smoking habit , he died at the age of 83 from emphysema. The Montignac diet, a predecessor of the more widely known South Beach Diet , is a diet that was originally designed to help its creator, Michel Montignac, lose some weight. His diet stores sold such foods as chocolate, foie gras, beef, and cheese — foods that contain very few of what Montignac labeled as bad carbohydrates.

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Nathan Pritikin, born in , was a college dropout who eventually made millions developing patents. In , Pritikin was diagnosed with a heart disease.

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He made it his mission to find a treatment and, after researching primitive cultures that had little to no instances of heart disease, he championed a primitive vegetarian lifestyle. This lifestyle, known as the Pritikin Diet, combined healthy, unrefined carbs with a moderate aerobic exercise program. He was 69 years old. The diet, created by physician and cardiologist Robert Coleman Atkins, was inspired by a suggestion its creator received from one Dr. Alfred W. In , Dr. Pennington told Atkins who had recently gained a good amount of weight due to poor eating and stress to remove all starch and sugar from his diet.

Atkins took this advice and turned it into a global dieting enterprise, making his money from producing books, meal plans, and actual foods that promote his ketogenic dieting style.

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When he was admitted to the hospital, he weighed roughly pounds. At the time of his death after being in a coma for nine days , Atkins reportedly had gained an astonishing and almost unbelievable 63 pounds totaling pounds from water retention, and it was discovered that he had a history of congestive heart failure, heart attack, and hypertension. My grandma ate red meat, pork, eggs, bacon, french fries, hot sausage all her life and lived to be True I have a few bad habits that I need to change but no one is prescribing me anything.

When the Lord is ready to take me, then so be it. Maybe she should have lived to and 98 was a reduction. I also suspect that she was eating grass fed non factory farmed meat. My take on this subject is that — yes, he died of a heart attack whilst out running but he had a hereditary heart condition which may have killed him a lot sooner had he not chosen to keep fit. I do not think its funny Emma but there is research evidence supporting the idea that prolonged aerobic exercise such as distance running is harmful.

As a runner it takes a lot for me to say that. He was likely a case of the damage already being done. Besides the hereditary part, he was a heavy smoker for many years. My father was the same and after 40 years of it he did successfully quit but the damage to his lungs was already done and he died 5 years later. I do not buy into this hereditary argument when applied to gradual arteriosclerosis. Yes you may have genes that make you more responsive to certain foods, habits or lack of certain nutrients which then promote HD but the term is used as though such a genetic disposition means inevitability.

Fox may have been more prone say to small dense LDL particles via a high carb diet and as such his high carb diet promoted his heart disease. The bottom line is that despite his genetics if he had eaten a low carb low sugar diet he probably would have lived much longer.

How can I be sure of this? Genes are a doorway, you have to put the key in and open them. There are plenty of say Japanese with a disposition towards HD but they do not get it because of their lifestyle. His dad died at 62 but he had an alcoholism problem, then Tyrone died at 44 but his 3 children are now 62, 64 and I think the problem with meat is that the meat our grandparents were eating is somewhat different to confined feeding, drug treated cattle we are consuming. They were more likely to be eating grass fed free range meats.

When you look at the Blue Zone populations a common theme amongst them is that they eat little red meat. Thanks for the very interesting read. The passing of Jim Fixx had the impacts discussed above…and others. Kind of reaffirms those who say in different words that by then the damage was done.

He had a bad heart and it was only a matter of time which in his case was 5 years. I hope he might had shallow breathing habit, which may cause stress and lead to heart diseases. He had low vagal tone. He was man of Sympathetic mode individual I suppose.

I have to read his to books and write my review again.

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Thak you. Sounds like he was addicted to running the way an anorexic is addicted to exercise, or a drug addict is hooked on drugs…. Just further proof you can take a good thing way, way too far. Everything in moderation. Even running. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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The legacy of Jim Fixx

September 26, at pm Reply. Good Health to you, Dreamy! Thanks, Flower! I began to run in February of I read everything I could get my hands on.

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And I read Fixx. There are genetic limits and Fixx would have none of that!! December 28, at am Reply. I am glad it helped you, DD. March 12, at am Reply. March 12, at pm Reply. March 13, at am Reply.


July 9, at am Reply. March 13, at pm Reply. July 14, at am Reply. July 15, at am Reply. March 5, at pm Reply. January 8, at am Reply. January 9, at am Reply. January 23, at pm Reply. February 25, at pm Reply. Sounds like he was addicted to running the way an anorexic is addicted to exercise, or a drug addict is hooked on drugs… Just further proof you can take a good thing way, way too far.

May 22, at am Reply. Later that night, I started having severe chest pains. Shallow breathing was fine, but the pain prevented me from taking deep breaths. Last time, I found out that the pain was caused by pleurisy—inflammation of the lining of the lungs. I had a tiny blood clot in my right lung. Now, over two years later, with another episode of the same pain, I had a feeling I knew what it was. Another CT angiogram revealed three pulmonary emboli and an ultrasound of my legs revealed a deep vein thrombosis in one of the veins in my calf.

Clots sometimes develop in the large calf veins when blood pools in the legs and those clots can travel through the venous circulation to the lungs. To get to the lungs, the clot must travel through the right atrium and right ventricle of the heart. If the clot is large enough, it can get stuck in the heart, block blood flow, and cause a heart attack.

If it passes through the heart into the lungs, it can be life threatening if the clot is large enough to occlude a major vessel. Luckily, the clots I have are small, small enough not to cause an immediate threat to my life. I was put on anticoagulant to thin my blood and prevent more clots.